Purchasing manager

Job Description
1.      Develop sourcing strategy according to company demands, develop suppliers and optimize supplier structure;
2.      Excellent in purchasing and related skills, confirm procurement budget, manage treasury operation and control purchasing costs;
3.      Based on market researches and conditions, analyze market trends and integrate purchasing;
4.      Understand common process of products, design quality control target to ensure product quality;
5.      Handle purchasing relationship and sign related contracts as a consigner of company, report to general manager.
1.      Bachelor degree or above, minimum 3 years of working experience, the candidate of medicine related background is preferred;
2.      Good handwriting, oral expression ability and communication skills; responsible and ability to solve problems independently;
3.      Strong ability in operational and systematic analysis, excellent negotiation skills;
4.      Market predictability and perspective of overall situation;
5.      Professional dedication spirit, be capable of hard work, pursue for excellence with enterprise; be adapted to business travel and work under pressure;
6.      Driver license and medical background is preferred.

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